Deviating from the Border

Are you a “color inside the lines” or “outside the lines” kind of person and which one would you rather be?

This question was posed on me this morning as I reflected back on this week’s happenings, which included finalizing my journey to become a stay-at-home mama! (YAY!!)

Anyway, most of my life I have definitely been a psychology textbook definition of a type A personality—I colored with very predictable colors neatly inside the borders. I was the very predictable, good girl growing up. My aspirations included obeying the rules, getting straight A’s in school, following the cool crowd, and sticking to carefully planned out life goals.

I thought I was destined to be a physical therapist since I was in middle school. My ultimate plan included being accepted to my dream college, graduating with honors, and going on to get my doctorate.

Little did I know that my dream college ended up not being a good fit for me, I wouldn’t graduate with honors, and I was rejected from every physical therapy school I applied to.

And while this may sound really depressing, I’m here to say that my best memories have happened since I learned it’s okay to color over those suggested borders.

I have experienced the true joy of marrying my soul mate and had two perfect babies with him. Now I’m starting my latest adventure—stay-at-home parenting. (Where everyday involves deviating from that normal, pretty border haha)

As I approach my 25th birthday, I think the biggest lesson I have learned is about the importance of goals, but also the excitement of adventure. In some cases we need to choose the boring blue crayon and follow the set border. But sometimes it’s best to pick the vibrant magenta and color our own path.