• Eating cold food with one hand while holding the baby with the other
  • Finding dried milk on your neck, arms, shirt while in public because you have the world’s messiest eater
  • Becoming a professional at moving things closer to you with your feet so you don’t have to set down your little angel
  • Getting things done based on your little one’s sleeping schedule (and maybe trying to get them to take one more nap on a busy day)
  • Creating a special stain remover concoction and using it on nearly every outfit they wear
  • Having a gibberish conversation with your husband and baby and somehow understanding each other
  • Losing your normal (pre-baby) sleeping routine for a much more unpredictable, exhausting one
  • Encouraging your little music machine to make as much bodily sound as possible, including burps and poos
  • Trying to capture a picture of that beautiful baby grin repeatedly, only to have them get serious every time the camera comes out
  • Carrying around an overfilled, over prepared diaper bag everywhere, because you never know what you’ll need. But then taking five minutes to dig things out because the pacifier is always buried on the bottom
  • Feeling your heart grow 1,000,000,000 times its normal size every time you gaze at her beautiful face