Breastfeeding- A Fact of Life

Warning: This post is somewhat controversial; however, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and I am just expressing mine here.

A few weeks ago, while attending Sunday Mass with my family, my little girl let out some little shrieks letting me know she was hungry…Now. So like any good mom, I prepared to feed her.

I glanced over in the direction of the nursery only to notice that this particular Sunday the room was full of little children running around.

So I’m faced with two options: feed her in the church pew (completely covered up, let me add) or let her go hungry and scream her lungs out interrupting everyone’s experience.

I opted to feed her.

My darling husband grabbed my nursing blanket and helped baby H and I get situated. All was going well and everyone was happy…Or so I thought.

The offering was the next part of the mass and my church has a custom of passing the collection basket from one individual to another. I turned to hand the basket to family behind me and was greeted with a very dirty look from the mother. If that was the only thing that happened, I may have chalked the incident up to an accident; however, during the spread of peace, she refused to acknowledge or look at me.

I understand breastfeeding makes some people awkward. To be completely honest, those who feed without covering up even make me feel  uncomfortable. Nevertheless, us mothers should not have to deprive our children or go hide in a corner to provide our children with food. That’s not right.

Personally, I put that cover on so you and I, both, don’t feel uncomfortable. Feeding my baby underneath a blanket or cover is not the easiest task in itself. My view of my baby is obscured and many times she gets too warm. It would be so so so much easier to feed her uncovered.

When a person makes snide comments or gives dirty looks to us breastfeeding mothers, it lowers our confidence in our ability to mother. And hey, this job is hard enough as it is.

So, cut us some slack. We’re only trying to make everyone happy.