What My Two Month Old Taught Me


I think kiddos can teach us a lesson.

As I was nursing my two month old, my mind began wandering to my list I wanted to accomplish for the day. I couldn’t help but think, “if only she could nurse in a carrier so I could use my hands to clean up the room, I could knock two things off my list at once!”

It’s human instinct to have this urge to multitask. In fact, I feel lazy when I’m not cooking dinner, doing laundry, attending to my adorable baby, conversing with my darling husband, oh and catching up with my Instagram feed all at the same time.

I think technology is somewhat to blame for this dysfunctional need to complete everything at once. We see perfectly clean houses and restaurant style meals being made from our Facebook and Instagram friends. We feel as though we are failing if we can’t produce the same flawless results in our own lives. It’s keeping up with the Joneses on steroids.

Not only are we trying to perfect our lives, but we are also avoiding any miniscule second of boredom if possible by checking our twitter or googling the first random thing that comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, feeding a baby for the seventh time that day isn’t the most exciting thing to do. It may be one of the most meaningful though.

My daughter only knows how to do one thing at a time right now. She eats, sleeps, fills her diaper, stares at the ceiling, or flashes her toothless grin at me.

So I have decided to break the crazy, multitasking, perfectionistic cycle and take time to smell the roses with my little H.  So what if I only do one load of laundry for the day? My husband and I will survive if an eight course dinner isn’t ready by the time he gets home. No one died from eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for supper. (Unless your allergic to nuts, I suppose)

And I’ll never get those precious toothless grin moments back. Even if the smiles only happen while she is preparing to fill her diaper.